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A huge thank you to STEVE GREGORY for starting this initiative for Aransas County.

December 19th Training  and patrol/ rescues through the ARK in Port Aransas, Texas

April 19th 2019 - The Stockman's & the Gregory's  brought them Rockport Art Festival Green Sea Turtle T-Shirts to show appreciation

Steve G's Summary - Learned a great deal of the history and background of current sea turtle recovery efforts. Dr. Thane Wibbels, University of Alabama at Birmingham, and a contemporary of Dr. Shaver from the very beginning of both of their careers, gave a very thorough and interesting chronologue of the path that they have been on to restore Kemp's Ridley Sea Turtles. Prior to his presentation Dr. Shaver delivered a talk on the status of the Padre Island (and Texas Gulf Coast) program at present, including the progress made from its inception to now.  So much about the right people at the right place at the right time being in contact with the next torch carrier from 1850 to now

Your 1st Aransas County Cold Stunned Turtle Class Graduates! 

For more information on Facebook :

Padre Island NS Division of Sea Turtle Science & Recovery

Main Instructor Hilary Frandsen,  reviewing what documenting the Turtles procedure may look like. 

7Information for  Trained & Certified KACB Volunteers

Will be working under the Arks Permit number # TE 380177-3

Next Cold Stunned Training will be held October 24, 2019, @ 5:30 pm at the Aransas Co. Aquarium Education Center

706 Navigation Cir. Rockport Tx 78382

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KACB Line - 361/210-8300

Emailed Flyer 12/20/18 general info

Recommended Free GPS Locator Phone Applications:

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Please set to read in  decimal degrees

Tagging Format:

YYYYMMDDYour Initials & Turtle #

Example: 20181126XXX01

The ARK's  Cold Stun Program Training for KACB

2018 Stranded & Cold Stunned Procedures-Parks & Wildlife

Sun Rise and Sun Set for Aransas Area

NOAA Tides & Temps Texas Coast

 Aransas Wildlife Refuge code TCOON

Port Aransas code  [8775237]

Learn more about ​Aransas County  Certified & Trained Volunteers for Cold Stunned  Sea Turtle Rescue 

For Training on Oil soaked Animal s please visit this link   February  22, 2019

The Aransas group was the last class of 2018 for Training on Cold Stunned Sea Turtles in Texas. We had 32 attendees  back on 11/26/2018, who all enjoyed learning what all is involved in rescuing a Turtle . Learning how to identify them, handle and Tag them correctly. What difficult weather conditions we can expect on those days and how to dress accordingly and protected gear that is needed to stay safe etc.  

 Non- Certified Citizens - What to do if you find a stranded Turtle,

Please report Immediately

​October - March

Please call KACB 361/210-8300