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2018 Cove Harbor Outline Revised 10/10/18

They say a picture is worth a thousand words as to why this clean up is so important to us all.

Cove Harbor Estuary Cleanup

Date: Tuesday, October, 30th 2018
Place: Cove Harbor N Dock
Start Time: 8:00 a.m.

The Plan:

We’ve visited the site multiple times
Understand egress, have practiced removing and towing metal safely, etc.

Dawson Recycling - dumpsters
Using hammers to make holes in metal, attaching safety harnesses to ropes
Air Boats to attach onto and bring to Bay Boats to pull to Cove Harbor
Cove Harbor to lift out of water and put in dumpster
Will use band saws to cut the metal if needed to get into dumpsters 

Aransas Nav. District facilitated permission from the Army Corp of Engineers 

Other Equipment/Logistics:

-We need 6+ air boats

Looking into barge company to donate a barge is possible to take items to CH
Event – Sign in area with canopy

KACB to ask that everyone sign KACB liability waivers for event
Water, Snacks, donuts
Lunch party with Paradise Cove

Sponsors, thus far:

Dawson – Dumpster and Haul Off
Paradise Key – Lunch, may have to supplement if we have more than 50 people
Cove Harbor – Offered to use their lift, employee help
TxDOT – For roadway cleanup supplies for citizens
Mission Aransas – Permitting
KACB – General Organization
Harbor Carts – Transportation
Aransas County Navigation District
Guides – TBD

Mark Williams, Stephen Gregory

Marketing this Special event –

Press Release sent to news affiliates to cover it, announce sponsors and get citizens

out to cleanup roads, Social media, eblast,
Email fishing guides to sign up


Press release to news, social media photos, etc. thanking sponsors, etc.

Budget: KACB October Expenses  were  approved

$30 - Safety Glasses 30 at .75 each
$1500 - Costs for Air Boat Usage – Stipend of up to $250 per boat for 6 boats
$1200 - Dumpster Rental /Haul Off – At cost of 4 at $400 each
$30 - Leather Work Gloves
$?? - Associated Demo Supplies, like chain, grappling hooks, etc.
$100 - Check-In Table Supplies, Water, Donuts, etc.
$ 0 - Permitting Fees – Email Approval via Army Corps of Engineers via Nav. Distr.
$400 - Paid to Paradise Key Catered Lunch for is we have an overage of people

Day of:
Create Safety Talk to review with all participants
KACB Liability waivers 

Day of Contacts:

D’Ann Williams – Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB) – 214-334-7959
Rosemary Pizio-White – KACB – 361-210-8300
Bubba Dawson – Dawson - 361-229-0171
Keith Barrett – Navigation Dist. - 361-729-6661
Heidi Duplechian – Cove Harbor – 361-205-7881
Terry/Jim - Paradise Key – 361-450-6642

1. Brett Phillips - 361-510-5894 
2. Adam Nesloney - 361-463-9568
3. Austin Nesloney - 361-230-2736
4. Still needed as of 10/10/18
5. Still needed as of 10/10/18

6. Still needed as of 10/10/18

Bay Boats:
1. Mark Williams – 214-587-1915

2. Still needed as of 10/10/18

Small Barge:

1. Still needed as of 10/10/18


1. Still needed as of 10/10/18