Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB)  wants to encourage you and your parents to explore what our beautiful County and surrounding areas have to offer and thus a better understanding of why it is so very important to keep our natural surroundings pristine  and non - toxic as much as possible.

Please submit this form no later than August 10th. The KACB Board Members will compile the points and determine who the top challengers are for each group:Elementary, Middle School & High School

Then  a pizza party  will be scheduled to  celebrate and hear more about what  you found the most interesting  during the summer. 

The differences in points per event was taken into account due to either the ease or greater effort in which it would take to complete. 

We have also created a free field at the end of the form where you can write  any additional comments or if you feel that you did something that should  be worthy of being added  for this contest that we overlooked.

Since this challenge is on a honor system, we will also allow you to decide how many points you think your event was worth keeping in line with the other events. 

Enriching and empowering the community through litter prevention, waste management, beautification and recycling by means of education and enforcement.

2019 KACB Student Summer Challenge