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The coastal bays are home to an entire guild of birds that are known for their beauty and were once hunted near to the brink of extinction. These birds – pelicans, herons, spoonbills, terns, skimmers and many others – made easy targets during the breeding season, when they gather in dense colonies on small islets in the middle of the bays and lagoons to breed. (from CBBEP site)

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Program I am Sponsoring:

Date: Saturday, Oct. 27th, 2018
Place: Blue Crab Check-In
Start Time: 8:30 to Noon

The Plan:

Will have members of CBBEP, Keep Aransas County Beautiful, MCMN, etc. 
All Check in at the Blue Crab and then disperse to their areas

KACB to ask that everyone sign KACB liability waivers and provide liability insurance coverage
Water, Gatorade, Donuts, Pizza delivered at noon

Roadways - Citizens to cleanup Roadways around Little Bay
Rookery Islands - CBBEP, KACB networking with MCMN, etc. leadership to help out. 
Stage Rookery Water, KACB Supplies on Island
Stage Roadway Water, KACB Supplies etc. at former Doc McGinnis Parking Lot

Aransas Nav. District okayed project via email 

Little Bay Rookery Island - Equipment/Logistics:

Communication from CBBEP, Avian Conservation Biologist, Lindsey Brown:  
“Our plan for Little Bay this year is to remove the debris and increase natural and artificial nesting structure for the birds. This includes installing one additional platform on the larger island and spreading the existing cactus by cutting pads and planting them in the ground.

Material for a platform = $300 – Builder’s First Source Donated!
Dumpster = 1 - Navigation District provided

Propagation tools to be provided 

Garbage bags = KACB to provide

Gloves = KACB to provide

Water, Donuts = KACB to provide
Pizza Lunch = KACB to provide

Other Rookery Needs:

-Need a skimmer or a few boats to cart Aransas Co. volunteers to the island

CBBEP to install one pre-made rookery platform
Volunteers to cleanup island and propagate existing cactus
KACB Networking volunteer outreach with:

MCTMN would be: Pat Garland, Outreach Coordinator & Bob Cunningham Training Chair and Lives on Little Bay – Will be getting back with me
Ornithological Society at Texas State University, John Cheek will ask students to see if they want to come out. 
Texas A&M Kingsville, Kelley Wood – will be getting plant material and let students know!
Coastal Bend Audubon Society - Barb Ripstein
Deb Corpora of the Aransas Bird and Nature Club

Roadway – Equipment/Logistics:

Road Barriers setup at Broadway to redirect traffic
KACB to supply all items needed for cleanup - Trash bags, yellow safety vests, grabbers, waters, Gatorade, Ice, pizza, First Aid kits, Purrell, etc. 
Dumpsters for trash provided by Navigation District
Front end loaders for trash collection – Navigation District

Sponsors, thus far:

Builders FirstSource – Rookery Platform Materials
Aransas County Navigation District – Trash Bins and Frontend loaders for trash removal
City of Rockport – Road barriers at Broadway for traffic redirect
Pizza  – KACB to underwrite, unless…
KACB / KTB – Trash bags, yellow safety vests, grabbers, waters, Gatorade, Ice, pizza, First Aid kits, Purrell, etc. 
Harbor Carts – Golf Cart Transportation

Marketing this Special event
Press Release sent to news affiliates to cover it, announce sponsors and get citizens out to cleanup roads, Social media, eblast,
Email fishing guides to sign up
Press release to news, social media photos, etc. thanking sponsors, etc.

Day of:

Create Safety Talk to review with all participants
KACB Liability waivers 

Day of Contacts:

D’Ann Williams – Keep Aransas County Beautiful (KACB) – 214-334-7959
Rosemary Pizio-White – KACB – 361-210-8300
Keith Barrett – Navigation Dist. - 361-729-6661
Heidi Duplechian – Cove Harbor – 361-205-7881
Capt. Tommy Moore – Cell-361-463-6388  Office  Golf Carts -Harbor Carts -877-892-4737
Mark Williams - Skimmer/Bayboat to transport volunteers 8-9 person Bay Boat – 214-587-1915

KACB Budget: KACB October expense items approved

$100 Check-in Table Supplies, Donuts, Water, Gatorade, Ice, etc.
$400 Pizza Lunch After 

Little Bay Restoration / Roadway Cleanup Project Revised 10/10/18