Rosemary White Biography

Rosemary met and married her husband Mike who was living here in Rockport for almost eight years .   She has worked in accounting related fields for the last 32 years.  She has one grown daughter and a grandson that  the sun and moon sets on. 

Several of her  passions are  weather, emergency preparedness and gardening. She Continues to hone her skills with refresher courses annually as a storm spotter since 2004.  Back in 2009, After finding out that so many of our Local citizens and several of her friends  were unprepared for natural disasters she created a website to help with resources.   She also attended the last 5 Hurricane conferences that the emergency management team hosts each year for law enforcement, 1st responders and the public.

In 2015  she accepted the invitation to be a co-editor on Fulton Weather Channel  on Facebook   where she  shares in on-going  public service announcements on disaster preparedness and weather outlooks.  She also became   a  NOAA  Ambassador and  most recently a CERT member .

Attending and participating  in several Clean-ups  over the years and having great concern and love for the area, it just  seemed to naturally lend itself to helping  and being a part of KACB. 

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Enriching and empowering the community through litter prevention, waste management, beautification and recycling by means of education and enforcement.

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